This card used a large image of smiling kids through the center of the card. The main colors of the card were yellow and dark blue, which gave the card a vibrant visual appeal. Below the center image, bullet points laid out the benefits students of Trinity Oaks receive: “academic excellence”, “small class-size” and “Christ-centered education.” They also made sure to have their logo in the top left corner and contact information in the top right corner.

Education Case Study Video

The Situation

Trinity Oaks Christian Academy is a private school in the Chicago suburbs on the verge of opening a new high school. They had tried other marketing methods before, like electronic signs, flyers and newspaper ads; but none of them gave them the strong response they needed to bring in new students. They wanted to have a tangible marketing product that they could send to people who would want to hear more about their new high school to make its first year a success. They consulted with our marketing consultants to find out if postcard marketing was the answer.

The Solution

After discussing the results postcards have given our other private school clients they decided it was just what they were looking for. They started out by sending a campaign of 2,000 postcards to a list of quality prospects for their high school. The response was so strong so fast that they have since mailed 3 more campaigns just like it.

The Results

Generated new enrollments within days of mailing their campaign, setting them up for a strong return on investment!

Within days of mailing out their postcards Trinity Oaks Christian Academy had new prospects coming in to inquire about their school with postcard in hand. Since just ONE new enrollment covers their direct mail costs, their return on investment has been incredible. They brought in new enrollments right away after mailing their first campaign. “We saw with the initial campaign that the return was immediate.” -Susie Noe, Director of Admissions

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