Simplicity is often the best option. Amazing Creations chose to send out a postcard that used a soft purple and pink color scheme, which is fitting for a card regarding children. The card simply featured a picture of smiling children on the left and the preschool’s 3 upcoming open house events on the right. This shows their prospects what they get out of their preschool services (happy children) and how to take the next step toward making it happen (coming to their open house).

The Situation

When this school started, we were able to grow just on parent referrals, but when the economy got a little harder, and some of the parents were having a harder time with part-time tuition, we needed to get more people to know about our school.

Amazing Creations is a play-based Christian preschool in Sunnyvale, California. Erin McLeod is the school’s director and says when the economy slowed down, they needed a way to get the word out and bring in more new students.

The Solution

In order to boost the inflow of new students to Amazing Creations, we knew Erin had to get her message to the right audience. We went with a list of females (heads of their household) who had at least one child under five. They then sent two targeted mailings to them one month apart.

The Results

We did our first mailing last spring and got a lot of phone calls with the postcards we mailed. Our fullest capacity is 48 [students], and right now of the kids that are here, about 15-20 are from the postcards. So, if 20 of those kids come and they're all full-time... we've made a lot off the postcard mailing.

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