The design of the card was very simple, but impossible to miss. It was designed to grab your attention with its orange color scheme. The only marketing copy on the front of the card is the name of the company and a headline that reads, “Total body imaging at its finest.” That’s enough to intrigue the targeted audience that received these cards.

The Situation

We use the postcards to back up a door-to-door salesman who sells their services.

Wayne Pearson is the owner of Don Allen Studios, a medical photographing company that specializes in pre and post op plastic surgery studies. He was looking for a way to keep his company’s name in front of clients and potential clients.

The Solution

I use the largest card you sell because it gets noticed. The current one we're sending to dermatologists happens to be orange, for no other reason than it will get noticed.

Wayne runs two different campaigns: one goes to dermatologists and one goes to plastic surgeons. Since he has a salesman following up on these prospects, the most important aspect of the campaign is to get noticed and put his message in the prospect’s mind.

The Results

Working with PostcardMania has actually been very delightful. They are very easy to work with - very responsive. You get things out very quickly, and the price is right. You can't mail something once and expect something to happen. You have to do it over and over and over again, because they may not need it this month, they may not need it next month, but they may need it the month after that. I consider it the same theory as the ‰Ū÷L.L. Bean catalogue syndrome'. If you ever buy anything from L.L. Bean, you will get catalogues every other week. And they just keep coming. So, if someone like that does it... it's got to work for me to some degree. - Wayne Pearson, Owner, Don Allen Studios
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