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The postcard used an unusual design to get prospects’ attention. It had a stark white background. Then, it featured a large image in the center of a young girl looking up at the camera adjusting her glasses and looking inquisitive. The headline read, “It’s Tune-Up Time! It’s time for your 21-Point System Tune-Up!” Then, in the bottom right corner it added a big monetary incentive by offering up to $2625 Off Installation.

HVAC Marketing Case Study Video

The Situation

Taconic Heating & Cooling CORP is a New York HVAC company. They had grown their business to several thousand clients, but they wanted to take their business to that next level. They consulted with our marketing experts to devise a plan for steady, sustainable business growth.

The Solution

Growing a business sustainably is about bringing in new customers, while hanging onto your current customers long-term. To accomplish this Taconic went with a two-step approach. First, they sent targeted reactivation campaigns to their customers encouraging them to make annual maintenance and check-up appointments. Then, they used targeted mailing lists to go after quality leads they could turn into new clients. They repeated the steps and watched their business explode.

The Results

Weve gone from 4,500 customers to over 14,000 using postcard marketing!

Since they adopted their two-step marketing strategy their business has certainly gone to the next level. In fact, it may have skipped a level or two. In the last 5 years… Taconic Heating Cooling has seen a 60% increase in sales. Taconic Heating Cooling has gone from around 4,500 customers to over 14,000. The key to building a business is keeping your foundation strong (keeping your client base loyal to your brand). Taconic Heating Cooling learned that lesson big time!

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