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The Situation

Wayne Haroutunian started out in the masonry business 20 years ago in Canada. He got into the business because he liked connecting and working with people. Then in 2016, Wayne and his family moved to Florida. By 2020, he had opened his business, Haroutunian Masonry, in Clearwater, FL as well.

At first, Wayne tried various methods of marketing like flyers, door-to-door visits, and Facebook ads. However, they didn’t work enough to meet his needs.

Then Wayne heard about direct mail marketing and PostcardMania from a business colleague who recommended he try it.

The Solution

Wayne’s first postcard campaign included 6,000 cards that included pictures of his handiwork, as well as:

  • A professional picture of Wayne to give his business a face and increase trust with the recipient
  • A note from Wayne to make his message more personal
  • A list of his services
  • A positive testimonial from a happy client

Since Haroutunian Masonry, LLC focuses on home improvement, they targeted homeowners who own property valued at $500,000 or more.

They mailed out these 6,000 cards on a monthly schedule in batches of 2,000 pieces. This first direct mail campaign resulted in 5 responses and $11,000 in revenue, amounting to a return on investment of 300%.

The first campaign worked so well for them that Wayne decided to do a second mailing in the fall season. Once again, Wayne got a huge return on investment and even sold $20,000 in business in one month.

Wayne’s fourth direct mail campaign of 12,000 postcards also performed very well. He stayed consistent with his marketing and mailed them out in quantities of 1,000 cards every other week. Wayne used the same postcard design since it worked so well the first time but updated some basic contact information, like his website.

This fourth time around, Wayne adjusted his targeting and used a resident/occupant mailing list of residents aged 48 or older who owned homes valued over a million dollars and had a median income of $90,000 a year or more.

The Results

Over $90,000 generated!

As a result of this fourth campaign, Wayne received even more responses — 24 total — he converted 10 of them to new customers and made $20,000 in revenue.

So far, Wayne has completed five direct mail campaigns with PostcardMania and on average gets 3-4 leads per mailing of 1,000-2,000 cards. He also has a close rate of 50% and makes about $2,000 in revenue per customer. Since he mailed 26 times over the course of one year, which brings his total revenue to over $90,000 for one year’s worth of direct mail marketing.

After using PostcardMania for years, Wayne has increased his work crews from one to four! He has also had many return customers. For example, one customer ordered $6,000 worth of work from Haroutunian Masonry and then they made a second order for $9,000.

Overall, Wayne is very satisfied with his results and all the success he has achieved with direct mail marketing. He says he would tell another business owner thinking about trying direct mail to do it because it worked really well for him and it has worked for many other business owners too.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other home renovators!

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