This expo’s postcard used contrast to create a visually engaging design and grab the recipient’s attention. They use a bright white background, which is filled with black text in an unusual font and accented with some red text. They give the trade show’s event dates and are sure to inform potential attendees it is free to attend.

Recreation/Entertainment Case Study Video

The Situation

Film Stage & Showbiz Expo is a trade show for the entertainment industry, held in New York and Los Angeles. They have thousands of attendees from all over the industry and a variety of exhibitors at their shows.

The Solution

Postcard Design: They used two different designs and messages to target two audiences. The featured design targets attendees. It has: A Clear, Bold Headline A Graphic That Supports the Message A Call to Action Mailing List: They targeted both potential exhibitors and those that may want to attend the show. Mailing Schedule: They mailed 10,000 postcards four times, each over two months, and then a one-time mailing of 20,000 a month later.

The Results

Targeting both exhibitors and potential attendees can make your next trade show a huge hit.

“When we first started the show, we had 40 exhibitors and about 1500 attendees. Ever since we began using PostcardMania and continued our mailings, we now have over 120 exhibitors and 6,000 – 8,000 attendees. I love working with PostcardMania. The people are fantastic to work with. They brought me through every step of the way, and now I feel like a pro.” – Zach Lezberg Owner, Film Stage & Showbiz Expo

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