This postcard’s design was simple and effective. It used an engaging color scheme by contrasting a stark white background with bright red text and graphics, which caught the eyes of recipients. The card was targeted toward doctors in the area who could be a source of client referrals for the practice. The headline read, “Are your patients at risk…” This was a great way to grab the interest of the reader, not just get his or her attention with cheap gimmicks. The card generated real interest by posing an intriguing question, which meant the reader would be more open to what the rest of the card had to say.

The Situation

We were using postcards to increase brand awareness for our practice and to attract new patients.

ProFitness is a rehabilitation practice, with two locations in NYC, dedicated to treating patients with attention and care while providing excellent physical therapy in a one-on-one setting.

The Solution

Postcard Design: The design was meant to grab the attention of potential patients. Its two major components were: – A clear, bold question, which invited prospects to evaluate whether or not they were in need of physical therapy. – A graphic that identified and emphasized what the prospect would like to avoid. Mailing List: Postcard was sent to potential customers in a zip code near their location. Mailing Schedule: A one-time mailing of 20,000 postcards. They also mailed 10,000 postcards one month later.

The Results

I've found working with PostcardMania to be a great way to do business because you get your name out there, and whenever you need help...they're always there for you.

“Our ROI was wonderful because the new patients that come in pay for the mailing after the first month! We receive 6-14 new patients for each mailing and for us that’s what works since those patients refer other patients.” – Jean Borruso, Marketing Director, ProFitness Physical Therapy

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