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Dental Services Case Study Video

The Situation

Dr. Brandon Campbell of Westminster, CO, is a tenacious, detail-oriented dentist and business owner. He never pictured himself starting up his own practice from scratch, but after looking into acquiring an existing practice, he knew it was the only way to go.

When he started Peak Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, he worked with a dental startup specialist to make sure he got things right. He didnt want to settle on anything. His chosen location (a suburb outside of Denver) boasts an affluent population with children that was established enough to afford a family dental plan, yet young enough to grow with him and value high-grade technology. The best part? His new location came with a solid three-mile radius that wouldnt be saturated with competition.

Whats more, an outdoor mall is being built a block and a half away from his practice. Once you have a mall, your practices radius goes from about three miles to five miles, and that pulls in more patients, Dr. Campbell said. Thats a potential 66% increase in the number of prospective patients out there for the practice. But how would he reach them?

The Solution

Dr. Campbells chosen marketing vehicle was pretty singular: postcards. We set him up with a postcard campaign that would target 22,000 residents living within a two-mile radius of his location. Each recipient received the card four times in one year.

The postcard design has a lot going for it:

  • Its sophisticated color scheme, headline and main image work together to appeal to his target market
  • Three tried and tested (and time-sensitive!) offers
  • It provides lots of useful information and benefits without overwhelming the recipient

The Results

In 6 months, a campaign revenue of $390,000 an ROI of 1,175%

In its first six months, Peak Family Dentistry Orthodontics saw 344 new patients; 78 of those leads were generated from the postcards. Since each new patient has an estimated lifetime value of $5,000, thats a revenue of $390,000 an ROI of 1,175%.

And that was just the beginning.

I think the postcards were basically the catalyst to get that fire going, Dr. Campbell said. I sent out 22,000 postcards four times to the same list. So thats a potential 22,000 people and clicks out there helping me build my websites SEO. The more clicks the postcards generated for my website, the more patients logging on and Googling my name, Googling my practice, and clicking on my name and link all of that really helps.

To add more fuel to the fire, the doctor personally follows up with each patient and politely asks them to post an online review.

Our online presence is really good now, and the postcards and online reviews have been a huge part of that. These things can really work together.

From Quarter 1 to Quarter 2, Peak Family Dentistry Orthodontics saw a 767% increase in organic leads coming from Google.

The practice is now on track to earn close to $1 million in its first year of business!

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