This postcard uses bright green and blue to catch prospects’ eyes. The headline grabs attention by stating they can make up to “$40,000 a month.” The message is clear and conveys the ease of making more profit with their Lipo-ExåØ machine. By saying “100% staff operated,” it tells doctors they don’t have to be present to operate it.

The Situation

We wanted to gain more clients and more revenue. Simple as that.

Advanced Aesthetics Concepts markets cosmetic medical equipment to physicians allowing doctors to obtain a new business cash flow model.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Printed 36,000 6×11 postcards with a custom design by PostcardMania that targets physicians. The design incorporated many important parts of a successful card: A Compelling Offer Strong Benefits (Make up to $40,000 per month; 100% Staff Operated) A Bold Headline Clear Contact Information Mailing List: For this campaign, Advanced Aesthetics mailed to a list purchased from PostcardMania of physicians (including Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, General Practice) in various Texas zip codes. Mailing Schedule: On average, mails 6,000 postcards once a month for 6 months

The Results

I originally called PostcardMania after reading the first chapter of Joy Gendusas book and from the very first call, it was not salesy, but very educational. The ease of the process and free marketing advice really makes a huge difference and our campaign has been effective to bring in $2.5 million. Mark, Advanced Aesthetics Concepts

The postcard marketing campaign generated $400,000 in immediate sales + $2 million in orders that are finalizing financing over a 6 month period. It also drove in more traffic to their website and enabled them to capture more leads with complete information so that they could follow up with them for even more future sales.

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