West County Optometry’s postcard had an old-fashioned look to it with a tan background, because it was promoting a 50‰Ū÷s-themed event. They featured the date of the event in the center and some of the brands that were featured at the trunk show at the bottom of the card. This design told prospects what to expect at the event and gave them the information they needed to attend.

The Situation

The postcards are primarily a way to advertise the trunk show, which is both a fun event, because it's for new fashions, and an economic event, because it does generate quite a bit of dollar value for that day's work.

Dr. Daniel Sanders is a partner at West County Optometry. They have been in business in El Cerrito, California for over 20 years and were looking to spread the word about their trunk show, which brings in a good deal of revenue for them.

The Solution

We send out several thousand [postcards] to zip codes in our area.

As a way to attract attention to their event, there were a couple of aspects vital to this postcard design: An Image That Immediately Captivates Attention Prominent Placement of the Show’s Theme Enticing Offers Contact Info and Location

The Results

We tried another place first... I think it was PS Print... and they were very much more difficult to deal with in the sense that what I liked about PostcardMania was that my wife could do a design and I could get it translated without a lot of hassle. I could get a proof, a mailing list, and get it mailed out all in a one-stop-shop. It was a matter of convenience, but I can say that I was pleasantly surprised that most of the designs I've gotten have been very good. - Dr. Daniel Sanders, Partner, West County Optometry

Dr. Sanders and West County Optometry have been clients of PostcardMania since 2007 and they love the results they have seen. He says while they didn’t track the results of this latest effort, the postcards have been “very helpful” in growing the attendance of their trunk shows.

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