Restaurant Case Study Video

The Situation

Scott’s Iconium Store is a unique business that is a hybrid of a restaurant, specialty grocer, and food delivery service, located off of a highway in Osceola, Missouri. They made a goal to increase their in-store traffic and food delivery orders, so they enlisted PostcardMania’s marketing expertise to help accomplish this feat.

Since they are off the beaten path in the rural community of Osceola with a population hovering around 1000 people, they needed to spread the message to however many locals they could repeatedly to generate loyal customers.

The Solution

They decided on our Everywhere Small Business campaign, which combines the power of postcards with matching Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads.

For the postcard itself, our design team has a trove of successful restaurant and grocer campaigns from which they can draw inspiration. Many of those designs largely feature images of appetizing foods and limited-time money-saving coupons. This design plays to those key elements.

Scott’s Iconium Store’s postcard design includes several key features, such as:

  • A headline that communicates the card’s central message immediately, letting the recipient know they can have food delivered whenever they want it.
  • A candy-store color scheme of pinks and light greens, enticing those with a sweet tooth to get their hands on some homemade treats.
  • Marketing copy about their “legendary” desert, invoking curiosity in the recipient to discover why this shake is so sought after.
  • A 5 star review about their pizza, which gives their actual meals credibility outside of their featured deserts.

Since they’re located in a rural community, they needed to generate repeat customers. So, their mailing list targeted 1000 homes nearby, and sent them the same postcard over 6 mailings. These consistent mailings proved to be the difference in their campaign – one of the homeowners is already a loyal customer because of the postcards.

This is the smart route to take if you’re in a rural area like this. You should try to generate multiple visits from a smaller group of individuals, since there aren’t that many people there in the first place.

The Results

They received over 100 responses!
Digital Ad Network Ad Displays Clicks
Google 225,166 1,275
Facebook/Instagram 16,353 1,083

Scott’s Iconium Store received over 100 responses!

Some people even traveled over 30 minutes to come by! They absolutely loved the response. One guy came out to his store with a postcard in hand 3 times! He told them that “The postcards are brilliant! They keep reminding me to come out here and see you!” Which is PRECISELY the intended effect.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other restaurants!

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