Cleaning Services Case Study Video

The Situation

The Gutter Man of Tampa Bay is an established maintenance company with 15 years of experience and the customer base to prove it! In fact, when the construction industry bottomed out in 2008, they continued to grow by targeting existing customers for maintenance and repairs. They came to PostcardMania for help with a campaign that would keep those customers coming back again and again.

The Solution

Our experts created a postcard campaign for the Gutter Man that would bring in more return business. Heres why it was so effective:

  • The bright colors make the postcard stand out in the mail
  • The bold headline and main image get the message across quickly
  • Contact information on the front and back of the card makes it easy for their customers to call right away

They send their reminder postcards to 350-400 customers per month. The cleaning services company also gets leads from the internet, so PostcardMania also revamped their business website to include contact form so the Gutter Man can follow up with those leads!

The Results

...revenue of $3,500 or $42,000 per year just from residential customers who got their postcards

The Gutter Man of Tampa Bay is very pleased with their results. They get an initial response from each mailing of about 10%, which is 35-40 customers! Since each residential customer is worth $100-$150, thats a MINIMUM monthly revenue of $3,500 or $42,000 per year just from residential customers who got their postcards! Throw in a couple of their commercial customers (which average $1,000-$2,000 per job) and were talking HUGE results!