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This card used colors from the company’s logo: black, white and red. These contrasted well and gave the card a sharp, modern look. The main offer on the card was a $50 gift card for those who refer friends to Mathnasium. This monetary benefit paired with their money-back satisfaction guarantee made for a compelling combination for their prospective clients.

The Situation

Mathnasium is a tutoring center franchise with hundreds of locations throughout the U.S and Canada. However, each branch of the company is in charge of marketing itself to bring in clients. After seeing one of our postcards, David Petty, the owner of the Lake Forest location decided he wanted to learn more about what postcard marketing could do for his tutoring center. David had tried several other marketing strategies, but none seemed to be able to bring the business growth he wanted to see. When he contacted our marketing consultants, his tutoring center was seeing about 13 clients.

The Solution

Our marketing experts discussed some of David’s options and learned more about his tutoring center. Then, they talked him through some strategies he could implement using postcard marketing to start bringing in more clients consistently. He decided to give it a try, and started seeing results right away.

The Results

We've been really happy with the production of (our postcard marketing). From even the receptionist, the sales people, the operations to the mailings. It's all been very professional, and I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Within 18 months of sending out his first postcard marketing campaign, Mathnasium of Lake Forest had brought in 10x the amount of clients they started with. They originally had 13 clients. Through the leads their postcards generated they brought in an additional 130 new clients in 18 months. They loved seeing the growth in their tutoring business, and loved being able to reach new students with their tutoring services. They’ve now been using postcard marketing for 4 years! “We found out that a lot of things didn’t work, but postcard marketing really did.” -David Petty, Owner of Mathnasium of Lake Forest

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