The postcard design featured a bold, humorous graphic and a headline that got straight to the point. The back of the card featured Leavitt’s standard coupon: Save $25 off of any service over $200. The combination of the engaging design and the great monetary benefit of the special offer was an effective marketing formula for them.

Automotive Repair Case Study Video

The Situation

Leavitt’s Auto Care of Las Vegas, Nevada needed a promotion idea to increase their repeat business. With the overall economy slowing down, it became vital for them to keep the customers they had. So we built a campaign to make that happen.

The Solution

Since we were targeting current and past customers with this auto repair promotion, it called for something attention grabbing yet personal, to remind them that this isn’t a stranger mailing to them. They made sure to mail to their 1,500+ customers on a consistent monthly schedule to keep their business fresh in the customers’ minds.

The Results

50-60 Customers Brought in the Postcard Every Week!

Leavitt’s Auto Care had 50-60 customers a week bring in their postcards! The best news for them was they began to see faces they hadn’t seen in a while, which meant they were reactivating their customer base more and more with each mailing.

There would probably be 50-60 customers a week that would use that postcard. I just noticed that customers that hadn’t been to us for a while started coming back. So I think the postcard reminded them that we were here.
– LeeAnne Leavitt, Leavitt’s Auto Care

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