Grand Central Party Rental chose an elegant swirling gold background with black accents. They also featured 3 pictures on the right side of the card that showed a lavished wedding. This shows prospective clients what their event could look like if they use their party rental services.

The Situation

We were looking to get better brand recognition, generate more web traffic and generate a few more walk-ins to our office.

Grand Central Party Rental is a full service events company that rents linens, tents, bouncy houses, chairs, tables and more.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Printed 6,000 6 x 8 full color postcards. The owner of their company, Keith Kranz, has a marketing degree and knows the importance of consistent marketing. He provides his own design and includes the following points in his creative: A Bold Headline A Compelling Offer (Offers change but usually uses $100 off.) Clear Contact Information Images that support the message The design itself leads potential clients to call or go to their website for more info – simple and straightforward. Mailing List: For this campaign, they targeted brides. Mailing Schedule: They passed out their postcards at bridal shows and mailed to lists they acquired.

The Results

PostcardMania is much more affordable than Yellow Pages and delivers much better quality. We see a huge difference in our web traffic when we send out postcards - it directly attributes to more revenue. Direct mail will really draw more people to your business and brand your name in the local community and beyond. -Kim McLean, General Manager, Grand Central Party Rental

The postcard marketing campaign generated a 2-3% increase in leads that continues to build over time. They also experienced a high increase of calls and walk-ins and the cards drove people to their website which brought in more leads and increased revenue significantly.

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