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Merry Maids

"If you want consistent growth and continued profits, you need to be consistently investing in postcard marketing."


Merry Maids


Cleaning Services


Tampa, FL 33612

Cards Mailed


The Situation

We wanted to create consistent growth, where we can sustain a profitable amount of new customers on a weekly basis.

Merry Maids is a nationwide franchise providing residential cleaning services. Rob Mascari has been operating as a franchisee with 2 locations for over twenty years.

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The Solution

Postcard Design: They created three different designs and messages to target multiple audiences in need of their services. The featured design targets female professionals. It conveys a: ‰Ū¢ Headline relating to the prospect's situation ‰Ū¢ Graphic that supports the message ‰Ū¢ Solution to the prospect's dilemma Mailing List: Homes in proximity to their two locations. Mailing Schedule: 1,000 postcards per week for each location.

The Results

We have seen growth each year, year over year, even through a difficult economy...we're anticipating somewhere between 5-10% growth a year. - Rob Mascari, Franchise Owner, Merry Maids
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