This postcard had a lot of great qualities about it. It was very engaging visually. There was a large image accounting for most of the space on the front of the card, and their logo was placed in the center to catch each prospect’s eye. The image was a split between two different houses, and on one side you could see the Prime Building Services truck in the driveway. The headline read, “We are improving your neighborhood. See what we can do for you.” This is a great strategy; because not only did it inform prospects of what they offer them, it also mentioned that they were working on their neighbors’ houses. This got people in the community talking about their business, which generated quite a few customer referrals.

The Situation

We've migrated into all aspects of home improvement: painting, interior remodeling, additions, garage additions, things like that, so we wanted to get the word out about our new services.

Melvin Orellana is from Prime Home Improvement, a home improvement business in White Plains, NY. Their business began as a roofing, siding and window services company, but they had to adapt to a complete home improvement business due to the economy.

The Solution

If people are aware we're working on 27 Smith Ave, and they can see the cars coming, they can not only see the job, but also get information about the company.

Prime Home Improvement used to spend their marketing budget exclusively on newspaper and penny saver ads. But when they learned about the targeting that is available through direct mail postcards, they decided they needed to add postcards to their marketing arsenal. They targeted homeowners who lived in proximity to jobs they were working on at the time. This raised awareness in the community, increased their referrals and allowed prospects to see their work firsthand.

The Results

In today's economy, everyone sells cards - everyone sells marketing. What you're looking for is the customer service aspect. But not only that, it's the ideas and the knowledge that the employees of PostcardMania have. They actually guide you through the whole process, show you what the card may look like and they give you hints, you know? I'm not in the marketing business; I'm in the roofing business. So I'm hoping the knowledgeable person is going to guide me though it.

Here are the results of Prime Home’s marketing, in our client’s own words… “The last campaign we did was the refer-a-friend campaign through PostcardMania. I think we spent about $2,000 and we generated about $40,000 in business from that. It’s a phenomenal thing. People see the card – it’s a beautiful card. They see the information. It’s very professional. And they tend to call.” – Melvin Orellana, Prime Home Improvement

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