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Art Case Study Video

The Situation

Marlene Rose opened her business Marlene Rose Glass in 2002 in Clearwater, FL. She started the business because she had a passion for making glass sculptures and wanted to sell her pieces. Marlene did not know much about marketing, so she began to look at her options. Then, one day, she received a postcard in the mail and thought about buying some herself. So, she reached out to PostcardMania for help on how to get her business in front of more people.

The Solution

PostcardMania designed a 6 x 11 inches postcard that featured one of Marlene’s glass sculptures on the front of the card and her contact information on the back. In this particular campaign, she mailed 1,955 postcards to her own list of contacts.

This mailing was part of a weekly mailing schedule where Marlene mailed out about 1,000 cards every week to her contacts. She also brought the cards with her to trade shows so that people could pick up the cards and take them with them if they wanted more time to think about purchasing the art.

Marlene feels mailing postcards consistently works because people need constant reminders. She said, “Postcards are something people can save, maybe even put on their fridge and down the line they will purchase — even if it’s 10 years down the line.”

She also loves the fact that PostcardMania’s postcards are great quality. “I think our postcard campaigns continue to be so successful because they are very aesthetic and a great quality which interests more clients.”

The Results

She received 2 responses, converted both, and made $50,000 in total revenue!

After completing this particular mailing of 1,955 postcards, Marlene received 2 responses and she sold her art to both of them, making $50,000 in revenue. Her upfront investment was $3,078, so her return on investment (ROI) amounts to an impressive 1,524%!

Marlene has been mailing and handing out postcards with PostcardMania since 2017, and she is still actively mailing them to prospects today. When asked what she would say to another business owner who is on the fence about direct mail, she responded, “I would tell another business owner thinking about using direct mail to try it, but not for a short period. People need constant reminders when it comes to marketing, and the best way to do this is to have your product in front of them as much as possible. It’s easy to unsubscribe from email marketing on your computer, but postcards will continue to show up at people’s doors, and I think it’s a marketing tool everyone should try!”

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other professional artists.

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