Elite Physical Therapy’s postcard contrasted two images to drive their marketing message home. One was a woman sitting in a waiting room and the other was a man actually going through his therapy and working towards his goals. The marketing message being conveyed is they offer prospective patients the choice between getting proven treatments now, or they can end up waiting and waiting to find something that might work to relieve their pain somewhere else. Sounds like an easy choice, right?

The Situation

We wanted to bring in a steady flow of new patients. I also wanted to free myself up to spend more time with patients, instead of spending time on our marketing.

Elite Physical Therapy is a Rhode Island based practice that focuses on specialty programs combining superior therapy, exercise and other “hands on” interventional techniques to accommodate individuals’ specific needs.

The Solution

Postcard Design: It features two contrasting images offering the choice to seek proven results for pain, the design also contains: A Captivating Headline Easy-to-locate Contact Information Motivating Call-To-Action Mailing List: They mailed to ages 35 + with an income of $40,000 + within a radius around their 3 locations. Mailing Schedule: 6,000 cards over a period of 6 weeks.

The Results

There was a very clear statistical significance six weeks from increasing our outflow...we were starting to see an increase in new patients. - Michael Nula, Owner Elite Physical Therapy Rhode Island
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