The postcard design featured a question that got right to the heart of what home care agencies were dealing with at the time. We also added the phrase, “We can show you how!” to let prospects know right off the bat that Gavin was offering a solution to their problem.

The Situation

We train individuals to start, run and manage their own home care agencies, outside of a franchise environment.

Gavin Densmore started Home Care Seminars to educate home-based senior care agencies and help them adapt to the shifting marketplace. New Medicaid regulations changed the game and agencies either had to adjust their sales and marketing techniques or suffer the consequences.

The Solution

Because the Medicaid program is changing [most home care agencies] were literally dinosaurs. Either they were going to adapt or they were going to perish. We wanted to use PostcardMania to put together a mailing ... and literally teach them the program for sales and marketing of home care agencies.

With a high end product like a training seminar, we knew it would take more exposure to Gavin’s message for prospects to respond. He ended up using the state list of all 1,700 home care agencies in North Carolina (which he already had), and mailing to them all 12 times each.

The Results

The customer service was out of this world. They are on top of their game ... They kept me on schedule, which is really nice because running a business you're being pulled in eighty different directions, and you might forget about your mailer - but they don't. And in a business partner, that's what I'm looking for. - Gavin Densmore, Home Care Seminars

Home Care Seminars saw a 2.3% close rate from their mailing. That’s only the responses that actually attended the seminars! We’ll let the return on investment results speak for themselves… “We ended up ordering 30,000 cards, and mailing to 1,700 home care agencies twelve different times. Our expense was about $12,000, BUT … we ended up training 28 home care agencies, [which came to] $69, 000-$70,000 that we netted.”

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