This postcard wanted to set a tone of elegance, since their business is insuring luxury homes and assets. They featured 3 images: one of a beautiful car, one of a luxury home and one of a large sailboat. These images reinforced the marketing copy below them, which was a list of the types of assets the company could insure. The flowing script used as the font for the headline added the extra touch to give the card that elegant look, which connected very well with their targeted audience.

Insurance Case Study Video

The Situation

M.E. Wilson Co. is a luxury home insurance company headquartered in Tampa, FL. They have been serving clients nationwide for over 90 years.

The Solution

Postcard Design: They printed 10,000 postcards with a design targeting luxury homeowners. Their original design was so successful they still continue to use it! Their card featured: – A Captivating Headline – Stunning Images to Support Text – A Motivating Call-to-Action Mailing List: They targeted specific zip codes with a home value of $775,000 and up. Mailing Schedule: They sent 1,500 cards every two weeks over a period of four months.

The Results

Postcard marketing delivers huge ROI potential for small businesses in the insurance industry.

“The response was immediate. We immediately got phone calls the first day it was received in the mail, and the first phone call paid for the entire campaign. We got 12-14 clients. A typical client will stay with us for 20-30 years, and we make $2,000-$3,000 per client per year.” – Sharon Trautewig, Luxury Home Insurance Expert M.E. Wilson Company

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