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This is a postcard with a simple layout. First of all, it’s bright orange. That got prospects’ attention. The front of the card simply has the name of the company and the headline: “Very Exclusive Private Training.” When talking about exclusive, private training, a lack of copy actually adds to the mystique of the offer. This makes it a compelling design, and prospects were drawn to turn the card over to read the rest.

The Situation

I wanted to use postcards to try to increase my personal training clients.

Browning Fitness is an exclusive gym for private training with sought-after personal trainer Mary Ann Browning in Manhattan, NY.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Printed 12,000 4.25 x 6 full color postcards with: A Clear, Bold Headline A Compelling Offer Clear Contact Information Images that Support the Message Mailing List: For this campaign, they targeted various zip codes within the New York area. Mailing Schedule: They mail consistently, at minimum every 2 weeks, quantities vary from 4,000 to 10,000 depending on mailing list.

The Results

I chose PostcardMania because they were the first I tried and it worked. I get what I want and the cost of the postcards is relatively insignificant if I'm getting great service. - Richard Santer, CMO, Browning Fitness

This year they are 20%-30% for the same month-by-month over last year.

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