This is a postcard with a simple layout. First of all, it’s bright orange. That got prospects’ attention. The front of the card simply has the name of the company and the headline: “Very Exclusive Private Training.” When talking about exclusive, private training, a lack of copy actually adds to the mystique of the offer. This makes it a compelling design, and prospects were drawn to turn the card over to read the rest.

Fitness Case Study Video

The Situation

Browning’s Fitness is an exclusive gym for private training with sought-after personal trainer Mary Ann Browning in Manhattan, NY.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Printed 12,000 4.25 x 6 full color postcards with: A Clear, Bold Headline A Compelling Offer Clear Contact Information Images that Support the Message Mailing List: For this campaign, they targeted various zip codes within the New York area. Mailing Schedule: They mail consistently, at minimum every 2 weeks, quantities vary from 4,000 to 10,000 depending on mailing list.

The Results

Those who try postcard marketing don't see any reason to stop, because their business continues to grow.

This year they are 20%-30% for the same month-by-month over last year.

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