Yale Appliance and Lighting chose to go with a color scheme of blue and orange. The colors contrast each other well, which created an engaging visual appeal. They introduced their big sale and the date it was offered right in the top-left corner, then promoted three special offers in a stripe through the middle of the card. This card’s design got prospects’ attention, then got them interested with special discounts and monetary incentives.

The Situation

We wanted to use postcards to bring in more customers to our annual customer appreciation sale.

Yale Appliance is a retailer of major appliances, lights and fixtures in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Solution

Postcard Design: A very clean and professional template accented by bold colors is the basis for this postcard, which also includes: -A Clear, Captivating Headline -Stunning Images to Support Text -An Enticing Offer Mailing List: Their entire customer database. Mailing Schedule: 92,000 cards for a one-time mailing

The Results

Working with PostcardMania is good because you have print shops and you have marketing shops...you don't [often] have somebody that can do both. PostcardMania is like a one stop shop and it doesn't cost you any more. - Steve Sheinkopf, Yale Appliance
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