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The postcard used blue and metallic grey for its main colors. They featured a picture of a “Duro-Last” roof, which is the product they were promoting, on the left and a picture of the owner of J.A.M. Associates, Inc. with his decked-out work truck on the right. The headline read, “Make your flat roof last longer!” This told prospects exactly what J.A.M. was offering them, and it was a very compelling marketing benefit for the prospects they were targeting.

Roofing Case Study Video

The Situation

J.A.M Associates is a commercial roofing company in Poughkeepsie, New York. In 2011, they started shopping for a new postcard marketing company to help them up their roofing advertising game and bring in more revenue. They chose PostcardMania after they saw how our roofing marketing experts consulted with our clients offering them all our knowledge and experience to get them the best results.

The Solution

J.A.M Associates had experience with postcard marketing for almost 10 years before switching to PostcardMania, but in all those years no one had explained to their team what they needed to include on every roofing postcard. There are 10 essential elements of postcard design. In order to maximize the potential of postcard marketing, you need all 10 elements on each card. With PostcardMania acting as a marketing consultant as well as a direct mail provider, the company was able to start seeing some huge increases in the results of their campaigns.

The Results

We receive 25% of our sales from our postcard campaigns!

Now, after almost 2 years of working with PostcardMania, J.A.M. Associates receives 25% of their sales from these roofing advertisements. And those sales are turning into BIG revenue… Gross Revenue From Postcard Leads: 2011: $388,900 2012: $659,090 As you can see, postcard marketing (when done right!) can yield a huge return on investment, and it only gets better as you continue to do it. The revenue generated from postcards almost doubled in their second year!

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