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Every week, our expert graphic designers and copywriters are briefed on which designs, headlines, and offers are producing the best results for our 64,347 clients. We learn from and build on every success. That’s what we mean by “proven results.” And that's what you get when you let PostcardMania take charge of your design. Our designs follow the 10 elements we’ve discovered generate the best response based on 64,347 clients' campaigns we’ve created.

Watch this 1:20 video before hiring a graphic designer:

In addition to their weekly briefing from our Results Manager (where they learn the latest trends that are producing solid results), our talented designers also have a 10-element checklist that guides the design process of every postcard. The checklist was created by our CEO, Joy Gendusa, and is based on the exact techniques she used to design the postcards that turned PostcardMania from a one-woman business into a $22 million enterprise.

You see, with PostcardMania, you don’t just get a beautiful postcard. Oh, you get a beautiful postcard alright, but it is designed intentionally to produce the best possible marketing result for your business.  We harness the cumulative knowledge we gained from 64,347 campaigns, and channel it into your postcard design. We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. We believe in making the wheel we have work better and more efficiently.


  • Exact Income Tax Service
  • Zero problems. No hiccups. Cannot be better, right? Best design ever! I used it in all my mailings this tax season.

  • St. Joseph School of Nursing
  • Both service and product excellent. Wouldn't change a thing.

  • ACS Carpet Cleaning
  • The process is a bit cumbersome from the design rep to the graphic artist. It would be helpful if we could have direct communications with the graphic artist from time to time in order to convey the EXACT change.

  • Lance Williams, Pest Services Company
  • The design that PostcardMania provided us for our door hangers were awesome!

  • Judy Proffitt, Myers for Tires
  • Very pleased with finished product. Very nice. Thank You

  • Guy Leclerc, Guy Leclerc Decoration & Design Inc.
  • The first postcard design was not what I was expecting, maybe I did not give good details on what I wanted. But the second time was a lot better and it pleased me. The service was very good and the designer very patient.

  • C. L., Strata Restaurant & Bar
  • A slow trickle of redemption. We would like a faster redemption rate. However, I believe the nice design of the postcard is bringing in quality guests.

  • G. W., Aseltine School
  • Everyone was very friendly and helpful and responded to all calls and emails quickly. The design team was really responsive to our feedback and incorporated the information from our design survey really well. The postcards were beautiful and compellingly designed. They did a fantastic job!

  • Innovative Physical Therapy
  • I really liked that you nailed what we were looking for just from the survey!

  • Tulia, TPC
  • The Production and Design department duplicated my message well and extremely fast. I would even get designs late at night. Whoever was designing works odd hours and I love it!

  • Jan Szelkowski, UNCG - NC Entrepreneurship Center
  • PostcardMania did a fantastic job helping me get my message together in an effective format.

  • Corrine Markey, Professional Bail Agents of the United States
  • Kate went the extra mile for us and Derrick and his team are awesome.

  • Tately Jennings, Heritage Funeral Home
  • Derrick did an excellent job making the postcard I originally sent him look beautiful!

  • Jenny, RKE Law Group
  • Jason has been AWESOME to work with!!!!  Much love and appreciation for his diligence with helping me format that pieces.

  • Joy, I wanted to drop you a line and say how happy I am with your team. Lisa, Karlie and Erin were very easy to work with, with just the right level of follow up as to not be annoying but to be as helpful as possible. There was never a no we cant do that from them. My campaign just mailed for the first time on Friday so I haven't seen any return yet but even if I get no response it was an easy painless process.

  • I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate the work Hailey did on our postcard layout. It turned out better than I expected and it was nice to see someone take a rough concept (the rough layout and copy I sent) and make it look like it should. The piece she created is very balanced, eye catching, well formatted, and well branded.The proof is in the pudding as they say, so we will see if we have captured the attention of the recipient, but as far as giving us the best shot at it, I think Hailey has done that.

  • Woodside Orthodontics
  • It was great working with the design department they kept me informed of everything. I was impressed with the design it was exactly the way I envisioned it.

  • Melissa, you have an excellent team. Every time I speak with one of your team members... it's like they already know what I need. Your professional team got my total freedom to create, and keep shining so many talents. Now, without expecting it.. your introduction raised me to another level. I appreciate it. Thank you very much!

  • Accubanker
  • Keep at it pricing, process, and postcards are what make you guys great. I will definitely refer you to others.

  • It was nice talking to you last week. And thank you for your help. We have had a positive experience working with your company, and we are looking forward to doing business again soon, and hopefuly regularly.

  • By the way, the postcards that you made are beautiful! You do excellent work!

  • ?Desiree, Thank you for checking in! Everything has gone out and so far we have received 2 phone calls from the mailers so not anything big just yet. I am happy to email you a status update once the promotion is over. Everything with your company way great! Megan was fantastic with the design and Adam did great with getting everything mailed. And, of course you helped quite a bit with making the ordering smooth. Thank you again!

  • Do you realize, my dreams of being a business owner are coming true because of you and your team!!!! LOVE IT!!! Thank You!

  • We received our postcard order today just as you promised. I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your very professional and prompt service! We were getting desperate to find someone to print these for us in our price range at the last minute and found your service to be just what we were looking for! We get postcards printed around this time every year and will very likely be contacting your company again next year. Thanks again! I would highly recommend postcard mania to anyone that is looking for fast professional service!!

  • Lisa, Berry Oaks Pharmacy
  • "You guys are awesome!"

  • Cheryl, Spring Branch Dental Care
  • Dear Kristi, BAM! YES!!!!! I absolutely love it!!!! hit it with the gold I was telling you I wanted! Ok...whats next?

  • No joke, you guys have been the best vendor I have dealt with in my campaign. I will be telling other candidates about the fantastic job you have done. And with your prices, we may be able to do a second mailing in a couple weeks! Thank you so much!

  • Marc McIntosh, Showcase Events, Inc.
  • This is my first shot at having you guys design something for me and I absolutely LOVE the overall look of this piece. Thank you!!!

  • Tammy Blackburn, Family Network on Disabilities
  • Everything is perfect. We're very pleased with the design, the PostcardMania employees are great to work with!

  • Emily Spencer, Spencer for State Board of Education
  • Everything went very well. Working with design and print went smoothly, and we are very happy with the quality of the postcards. And we couldn't be more pleased with your mailing services. Katelyn was so helpful and saved us thousands of dollars by assuring us mailing at the standard rate would work out fine. And it has. People have already received the cards, much sooner than we ever anticipated.... and definitely in time for the election! Thank you to all of you. ~Emily

  • Carrie Lamm-Clark , Carrie Lamm Clark for Prosecuting Attorney
  • YES! I won. And I am CERTAIN that the mailings/postcards made a BIG difference! Very pleased.

  • Laurel Manke, Skin Care Fort Worth
  • I love your service. Great staff!

  • Janet Reiter, Reiter for County Attorney
  • Miesh - yes!! I won 58% - 42%. Thank you to Postcard Mania! We door-knocked & lit-dropped with the post cards created by Postcard Mania! The info on the literature was presented in a sharp, professional layout. I think it played a part in my win. Thank you.

  • It has gone well. I would have liked some more responses from the campaign. But as of right now I have enough new customers that I broke even financially with my investment.

  • the postcard campaign is definitely working we have had several people come in tell us they received one.

  • Misha Mendicino, Misha Mendicino Designer Resort Wear
  • I am delighted about the customer service so far, but what really matters is the ROI. I surely hope that this go around I will have some results from my direct mail campaign. Being a small business owner is really tough, watching every penny and never wanting to make a costly mistake. In moving forward I am hoping that I chose the correct marketing team to assist me in growing my business. Again, thank you Melissa for the introduction, I will keep you posted on the campaign. By the way, Joy Gendusa and I were both awarded the WE Magazine 100 women in E-Commerce!

  • Scott Hille, Barnegat Lacrosse
  • You are obviously doing something correct. I wish you and your organization the best of luck. Before I finish I want to stress that Susan has gone well above and beyond any expectation; even though she was not my salesperson! LOL!

  • Linda Tuttle, Wilkerson-International Diamond Company
  • Susan just wanted to let you know I absolutely love the postcard; we got it in the mail today. I'm extremely pleased, thank you so much for all your help. Will be getting in contact with you soon for the next run

  • Marcus, Consumer Security Services
  • The proof looks great! Thank you!


Can I provide images/artwork I want on my postcard?

Absolutely, you can. Check out Submitting Artwork for more information regarding this process.

What is the difference between a partial and full design?

A partial design is when you either: 1) Choose a design template from our postcard design gallery to customize, or 2) provide the images and text for the postcard (and we assemble the design using our marketing best practice guidelines). A full design is when we start from scratch and build a postcard design and copy specifically for your business. (We humbly recommend you try this at least once. Our designers and copywriters are really great!)

What is your turnaround time?

A partial design can be whipped up in 3 days. A full design has a 5-day deadline. However, if you need a design faster, let us know and we’ll see if we can accommodate you!


PostcardMania Design Options:

Partial Postcard Design - $99 with unlimited revisions

We design it, but you know what you want.
You tell us what you like and provide the text for the back or choose from more than 1,000 proven industry-specific design samples. View Samples

Full Postcard Design - $199 with unlimited revisions

We do all the work.
Our copywriter and design team create a results-driven postcard design including images, text and layout. You fill out a short design survey and we'll take care of the rest.

*Design prices above are only valid when printing your piece through PostcardMania. 

Brochure Design - Call for Pricing

You can say a lot more.
We work with you to design a complete informative brochure, highlight all the benefits of your business including services, history, staff and more. Call us for a custom quote.

"I worked for 'Top 10' ad agencies in New York for years so I know when I'm working with pros. You developed a splendid sales piece with your layout — and I think we'll have a winner."

- Doug Smith, AAA Better Lawns & Garden

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