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Dance/Gymnastics Case Study Video

The Situation

DValda Sirico Dance and Music Centre has been around for more than 20 years, but they were trying to pinpoint the marketing strategies for dance studios that would generate the best return on investment.

The Solution

When the dance school reached out to PostcardMania, they knew theyd found their solution. Our consultants set them up with a postcard campaign that would generate a great response.

Heres why the postcard worked:

  • The photos tell the recipient immediately what is being offered
  • The engaging yet elegant design conveys the dance schools aesthetic
  • The offer of a FREE day of dance gives prospects a risk-free way to try out the dance academy before they sign up for classes

When marketing dance classes, the best way to maximize your return on investment is to target the people most likely to be interested in your studio. DValda Sirico mailed their postcards one time to a list of 8,500 prospects with annual incomes over $50k and children ages 3 to 16.

Repetition is vital in any marketing, including dance studio advertising, so DValda Sirico signed up for DirectMail2.0. With DirectMail2.0, anyone who received their postcard and then went to their website would start seeing the dance studio advertising (in the form of Google follow-up ads or remarketing) on thousands of websites across the internet.

DirectMail2.0 also allows you to see exactly when your direct mail piece is expected to hit mailboxes and to track every phone call your postcard generates even the ones you miss!

The Results

We found that postcards have been really fantastic for us, because we can target exactly who we want to send the message to.

Through DirectMail2.0s tracking capabilities, DValda Sirico could see that their website was visited over 31,000 times, and their Google follow-up ads generated 331 clicks back to their site! But that was just the beginning

As far as dance studio marketing ideas go, the free day of dance was a huge hit! More than 100 prospects showed up for the event, and 97 of them signed up for classes. The average student stays with DValda Sirico for about 5 years, so they are looking at a huge return on investment. If only have of them stay that long, said co-owner Steve Sirico, those students will generate well over $300,000.

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