Applauses direct mail brochure had a very simple design, which is effective for the message it had to communicate. They simply showed the promotional image for each of the plays that were going on at the time and implored prospective customers to contact them to get tickets for the plays. They used a dark muted red and black background with white text, which made the text really pop.

The Situation

As far as our marketing goals...we were looking to gain repeat customers and to sell more tickets.

Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service has been selling Broadway and event tickets to the public since 1987.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Printed 20,000 full color tri-color brochures that targets travel agents in various states. A Clear, Bold Headline Testimonials to Support Message Clear Contact Information Images that Support the Message Mailing List: For this campaign, they targeted travel agents. Mailing Schedule: They did one mass brochure mailing to travel agents and continue to mail postcards every 3 months as well.

The Results

We first went with PostcardMania because they have tons of articles to help you with your marketing. You could read for hours on hundreds of marketing tips. We found that putting an offer on our postcards makes the phone start ringing and it is really working well. Lastly, find the money to market, I've cut other expenses, but I've made sure the one thing I didn't cut was my postcard marketing. I might have scaled back on a mailing or two, but I believe if we don't mail, our phone will not ring. -Rich Gladstone, Owner, Applause Theatre and Entertainment Service
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