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The postcard design used a blue, yellow and green color scheme to create an eye-catching visual appeal. They used an image of smiling doctors and nurses, and their headline grabbed attention. It read, “Attention: Military Spouses!” Since the postcards were mailed to only military spouses, the cards seemed perfectly fitted to their situation. Tailoring their marketing copy to a highly targeted audience generated a lot of interest from their postcard recipients.

Education Case Study Video

The Situation

Lakewood College is an educational institution in Cleveland, Ohio that serves mostly military members, military spouses and veterans to help them further their education in order to achieve their goals both in and out of the military. When they heard about PostcardMania, they had about 120 students and were feeling a little lost with their marketing. They heard about a marketing bootcamp we were holding for small business owners and decided to give it a try.

The Solution

When the president of Lakewood College learned about the possibilities of postcard marketing she decided to go for it full force. The college began using postcard marketing in 2010 and made a decision to commit to it fully. They began mailing 20,000 postcards a week to targeted mailing lists of military families and veterans. They kept their weekly mailings consistent to reinforce their schools brand with the prospective students through repetition.

The Results

Doubled our enrollments and generated $1,800,000 in revenue!

Over the years, PostcardMania has helped Lakewood College grow as a business in a number of ways. And not just through postcard marketing!

First and foremost, when Lakewood College first teamed up with us, we created a marketing plan that enabled them to grow from 10 new students per month to 120+ new students a month thats right, amonth!

And of course, with the influx of students came an increase in the number of staff. Lakewood went from only 3 employees just a couple years ago to 38 now! To handle the internal demands more staff created, Lakewood hired JMSJ Group, which helped them implement two business management processes, Management by Statistics and an Organizational Board. Today, Lakewood employees are in their own words happy as clams! A fact that allowed Lakewood to snag a place among the Best Employers in Ohio in 2014.

Of course, it all starts with a growing bottom line. Lakewood College went from making $120,000/year to $2.3 million. That means theyre making more in a MONTH than they used to make all year! And thanks to this years expansion plan, they are now on course to earn $5 million.

If thats not success, then we dont know what is!

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