Pest Control Case Study Video

The Situation

John and Diane Gingrich started the company Gopher Team in Concord, California in 1999. John saw a need in the area for pest removal because gophers were tearing up the landscaping on a lot of properties.

Then, when John and Diane retired in 2019, they sold the company, and Stacey Tun took over their marketing. Gopher Team’s online presence was lacking, so Stacey began looking for ways to update their brand identity and marketing plans. The new owner also wanted to find ways to look more professional online, streamline profit, and open more business locations in California.

Stacey reached out to PostcardMania for help with Gopher Team’s marketing because she didn’t want to run a direct mail campaign on her own and she liked what PostcardMania had to offer.

The Solution

PostcardMania customized a 4.25 x 6 inch postcard from one of their landscaping templates:

  • A large, bold headline on the front of the card that gets the message across quickly
  • A QR code that leads the recipient back to the website
  • A positive five-star review from a satisfied customer
  • A list of benefits on the back of the card

Gopher Team mailed 4,876 postcards using an Every Door Direct Mail list that targeted wealthy neighborhoods. This was especially effective because in the past they were unable to place door hangers in these areas because they were in gated communities. So with the mailers, they were able to target homes valued at $1.5 million or more. The majority of residents in these areas are also baby boomers, so direct mail was the perfect vehicle to market to them.

The Results

Since they’ve been generating more revenue, they’ve hired 2 more staff and are looking to open in another location!

After this mailer campaign, Gopher Team received 12 responses and converted 3 of them to new clients. Each client initially brings in about $1,000 in revenue with a lifetime value of $20,000. So in total, these new clients generated $3,000 upfront and are expected to generate $60,000 over time. They anticipate achieving an ROI of 2,142% because of this new business.

Stacey said in response to their success, “I think our direct mail campaign was successful because sending a postcard is a really good way to reach the market we are targeting. The postcard looks really professional, and I also think the QR code on the postcard has been helpful for our customers.”

She added, “What I enjoyed most about my experience with PostcardMania was how communicative everyone is. I also love that I can look at a MyPostcardMania dashboard and see the status of my campaign at any time. Our marketing consultant is very in tune with the kind of company we are, and he has been very helpful giving us suggestions.”

“I would say to another business owner who is thinking about trying direct mail to go for it. It’s important to hit people at different angles with your marketing. People still use mail and the postcards are really helpful.”

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for pest control companies.

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