Real Estate Case Study Video

The Situation

Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate operates in Louisville, Kentucky. They were looking for a better way to target specific kinds of business owners to acquire more commercial listings so they contacted PostcardMania for help.

The Solution

They decided on a direct mail marketing campaign that targeted business owners of residential complexes in zip codes around the city.

Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate’s design included:

  • A headline that immediately communicates the benefit of their service, strengthened by the accompanying central image
  • A picture of the real estate agent, adding a personal touch to the postcard
  • An offer for a free property evaluation

A huge contributor to this campaign’s success was their selected mailing list. They decided to center their campaign on a particular kind of business owners; owners of multi-family living units with 4-100 units. This hyper-targeting ensured that every recipient would strongly resonate with the postcard’s messaging and central image.

Their mailing schedule was also a major reason for their success. They’ve been mailing out 1,000 postcards monthly since May of last year, meaning they’ve been mailing 13 months at the time that this case study was written. Consistency is something we always preach to create a lasting effect on recipients, and it paid dividends in this marketing campaign.

The Results

2 listings and $51,000 in expected gross income!

2 listings and $51,000 in expected gross income!

Grisanti Group Commercial Real Estate received about 10-15 responses. So far, they’ve landed 2 listings from them. One property already sold, generating him $18,000 and the second property is expected to generate $33,000; they only spent $7,255.15 on the campaign, resulting in a 603% return on their investment (ROI)!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other commercial real estate businesses!

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