The postcard design used a reddish-pink background and featured an image of a cat on the right side. The design overall was very simple. They listed their services and all the contact information a prospective client would need. These design choices helped them generate those quality leads.

The Situation

Northern Illinois Cat Clinic is a special kind of veterinary practice. They only treat cats. They’re feline specialists. There aren’t a lot of feline-only veterinarians in their area, so it makes their expertise a valuable commodity. They were handling their own marketing by mailing out several thousand letters to local residents, but they wanted to explore some different veterinary marketing strategies to see if there were better results to be had. They consulted with our marketing consultants to find out what postcard marketing could do for their practice.

The Solution

Postcard marketing distinguished itself to them for one reason; the postcards automatically have a more engaging visual appeal to their prospective patients’ owners. With a letter, your marketing is trapped in an envelope. Who knows if any of the recipients even take the effort to open them? With postcards, your marketing message is right there on the front (and back) presented immediately with bright colors and an engaging design to grab readers’ attention. This gives you a much better chance of getting your veterinary marketing message to your prospective clients and getting them interested in your veterinary services. The cat clinic uses a variety of media for their marketing including TV, Yellow Pages and a strong online presence. After trying postcard marketing, they’ve added direct mail to that list as a cornerstone of their marketing strategy.

The Results

30-40 new clients from every 5,000 postcard mailing!

When they were handling their marketing in-house using letters, they usually received about 10 calls from a few thousand letters sent. Using postcards they generate more than 5 times that many leads. The clinic manager, Bryan Schmidt estimates they bring in approximately 30-40 new clients per 5,000 postcards sent. That’s a big increase in leads generated, leads turned into clients and ultimately more revenue for their practice. “I think the cost that you spend to send the postcards out is insignificant with the return you get from them.” -Bryan Schmidt, Clinic Manager of Northern Illinois Cat Clinic These results speak for themselves. Postcard marketing is proven to be an effective marketing tool for helping veterinarian practices generate more clients and more revenue.

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