This postcard was promoting the Red Cross as a charity, so the main color was red. They also used a black and white photo of a Red Cross worker embracing a disaster victim. The black and white photo added an emotional appeal to the card, which led recipients to connect on a human level with the charity’s cause. They also featured several ways to get in contact with them to donate, which increased their response.

Charity/Fundraising Case Study Video

The Situation

National Charity Services (NCS) manages fundraising efforts for non-profits largely through vehicle donations, book donations and marketing campaigns.

The Solution

Postcard Design: This design features a moving image of a Red Cross volunteer being thanked by a disaster victim.

It also has:

  • A clear, bold headline with call to action
  • A specific way to respond
  • Prominent contact information

Mailing List: NCS occasionally mails for their clients, but often has the cards shipped to use as handouts or bookmarks.

The Results

You can't underestimate the impact of photos for reinforcing your charity's marketing message.
CSID: 3630