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Helping Hands used a really funny postcard design. It was really simple and very engaging. It showed a cartoon zebra against a red/orange background. Half his stripes were falling off, and the caption reads, and you think you’ve got stress! The back of the card gets into the real marketing message, which approaches prospects who are caring for an aging relative to offer to take care of their loved one for them.

Senior Care Case Study Video

The Situation

Gavin Densmore runs Helping Hands of America, a home-based senior care organization in Raleigh, NC. He had already experienced success with direct mail and was looking for a direct mail company that could handle the whole process for him.

The Solution

We assured Gavin that, as a turnkey operation, we could handle the whole process — start to finish. Not only that, but we could provide him with expert marketing advice based on results from his industry. We worked with him to develop a card specifically for his business. It features a minimalistic, intriguing design that attracts the reader’s interest. Then, on the back, it gets right down to business with the question, “Are you caring for an aging relative?”

The Results

It doesn't take a huge response to yield huge profits for your company using postcard marketing.

Gavin’s situation was one where he only needed a few clients to make a huge impact. We’ll let the results speak for themselves!

“We spent $1,400 on all of the mailing pieces together and it brought in two new clients for us. If you do the math on it — each client that I have brings in an average of $13,000 — so $1,400 to bring in $26,000, yeah I can be pretty pleased with that as a return on investment.”

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