This postcard is a great example of copy and graphics working together to convey a message. It was clear, to the point and the special offer was the cherry on top of the proverbial marketing sundae. The copy explained everything about their winter holiday event, and the graphics depicted a snowy winter night, complete with cartoon snowmen and falling snow. They also featured their logo nice and big in the top left corner, which helped build their brand recognition with their prospects.

Recycling Case Study Video

The Situation

Tom Buechel is the owner of Rockaway Recycling, a scrap metal recycling company in New Jersey. He was looking to find a company that could handle all his mailing needs.

The Solution

Rockaway’s campaign promoted a special event that they were hosting, along with special pricing to those who participated in the event. By putting this limited timeframe on the special pricing, they encouraged people to respond.

The Results

Life is good when you can get all your marketing from one place AND get a fantastic return on your investment.

Here are the results from his marketing, in our client’s own words… “Every campaign is different. I wouldn’t still be with you guys if I wasn’t continuing to make money. Generally, I’ll make at least 2 to 1 on everything I put out there. Sometimes we’ll go 10 to 1, and sometimes we’ll just break even. But, overall it’s been very successful.” – Tom Buechel, Owner, Rockaway Recycling

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