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Real Estate Investment Case Study Video

The Situation

Ryan Saxman started his business Saxman Realty in 2017 because he wanted a better life outside of the Coast Guard, which he had served in for 12 years. When Ryan started Saxman Realty, business was lackluster and he didn’t have any marketing going on. He tried using bandit signs to get leads, but the one lead he converted ended up losing him money. So Ryan decided to look into direct mail and try marketing with PostcardMania.

The Solution

Ryan’s postcard had the following features:

  • Every design was personalized with the recipient’s first name and property address
  • A list of benefits, including no fees and an all-cash offer
  • A five-star review from a satisfied client
  • A photo of Ryan to help increase trust with the prospect

Ryan mailed out 23,113 postcards to a consumer mailing list that targeted homeowners and properties in North Carolina valued between $75,000 and $650,000. The cards were mailed out weekly in batches of about 1,250 cards.

Ryan also selected an Everywhere Small Business Campaign that included digital ads. The ads matched the postcard design and showed up on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, encouraging prospects to click it and call him or go to his website for more information.

The Results

He made $250,000 in revenue!

The digital ads performed very well: the Google ads made 777,338 impressions and they were clicked on 8,665 times; the Facebook/Instagram ads made 64,047 impressions and were clicked on 757 times.

As a result, 73 people responded to the direct mail campaign and digital ads. Ryan converted 3 of them, and he made $250,000.

In total, Ryan’s return on investment amounts to 886%!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate businesses.

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