Dental Services Case Study Video

The Situation

Dr. Behnaz Raisdana opened Auburn Family Dental in Wichita, KS, in January 2015. She called PostcardMania for help generating patients for her brand-new practice.

The Solution

Dr. Raisdana knew that direct mail postcards would be an effective way to get her name out in the community, so she decided to start her campaign even before opening her practice doors.

The first postcards she mailed included the following elements:

  • A bold headline and supporting image that deliver the message quickly
  • A photo of the doctor, which creates a feeling of familiarity and trust with prospective patients
  • Three appealing offers that give recipients a reason to try out a new practice

Dr. Raisdana mailed out 19,000 postcards prior to opening her dental practice and was quickly booked through the first several weeks!

Her most recent direct mail campaign featured digital ads through Everywhere Small Business. She mailed 80,000 postcards total in batches of 6,000-10,000 per month to a resident/occupant list targeting residents in her local area making $80,000 a year or more and living within a 10-mile radius of her office.

The digital aspect of her campaign mirrored her postcards, which you can see above. The coordination helped raise the profile of Auburn Family Dental both online and offline with her target market.

Her most recent postcard design included these features:

  • Three offers of $79 special for new patient exams, $75 off a first procedure, and a $115 take-home whitening kit
  • A five-star review from a satisfied patient
  • A map of their location, showing prospects they are nearby
  • Personal and professional photos of their team, encouraging trust between the recipient and the dental office



The Results

They have generated over $516,951 in revenue!

When Dr. Raisdana opened Auburn Family Dental, she planned to only practice there three days per week, maintaining her associateship at another office. But by March, she was booking patients so far out in advance that she started working at her own practice full-time.

Within 9 months of opening her practice, Dr. Raisdana’s postcards had generated 337 new patients and $402,095 in revenue! And that was just her first direct mail campaign!

Her most recent campaign of 80,000 postcards resulted in 586 conversions and $114,856 in revenue.

The follow-up Google ads also performed very well and resulted in 2,902,907 impressions and 18,206 clicks.

Combining Dr. Raisdana’s first postcard campaign and her most recent one, she has generated more than $516,951 in revenue for her dental practice!

As a firm believer in the success of postcards, she is continuing her direct mail marketing with PostcardMania and is looking forward to even greater results in the future.

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