Cards Mailed

The total number of cards this client mailed out over their entire campaign.


Tracked Calls

The number of calls to the unique call tracking number on this client's postcard.
1.2 Million


Google Impressions

The number of times this client's Google Ad was seen on the web.


Google Clicks

The number of times this client's Google Ad was clicked on.

The Situation

Borealis Dental Studio contacted us to design a dental office marketing campaign using dentist postcards and Google ads to attract more new prospective patients for their family-owned practice.

The Solution

The owners, Dr. Goolsby and wife (and business manager) Becky, needed an easy digitally-integrated dental marketing campaign that would appeal to residents in their community and entice them to call in for a new appointment.

Here’s why their design worked:

  • The image of the doctor + his family conveys a friendly family practice
  • Not 1 but 2 attractive special offers pop out from the bright teal square
  • The happy review gives Borealis credibility and instantly builds trust

The Goolsbys started out mailing 6,000 postcards per month, and when they saw 48 new patients book appointments directly from their postcards in just 3 months, they increased their mailing quantity. Who wouldn’t?!

They upped their mailings and started sending 12,000 dental office postcards per month. A big difference.

Did we mention that these mailings added in matching and coordinated Google ads using DirectMail2.0? Because they did!

So did their dental marketing campaign make a difference? See for yourself…

The Results

143% increase in monthly new patients!

Tracked Calls
Number of Times Google Ad Displayed
1.2 Million
Google Ad Clicks

After 1 year of marketing every single month using DirectMail2.0’s postcards-and-Google-ads program, check out their results:

  • 143% increase in monthly new patients
  • 759 prospect calls (using DirectMail2.0’s call tracking feature)
  • Google ads seen 1.2 million times all over the internet
  • A return on investment (ROI) of 998%!

Check out the graph on this page to see how their new patients increased month after month!

Dental Marketing Results

Borealis Dental Studio has hit a whole new level of business operation! With an average of 68 new patients booking appointments each month, many of whom directly say they received Borealis’s dental office postcards, another doctor will join the expanding practice’s team this summer!

And thanks to all these new patients, they’ve increased their Google reviews from 0 to 29 and have a 4.9-star rating — making Borealis Dental Studio one of the top-ranked dental practices in the area.

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