Pest Control Case Study Video

The Situation

Clearwater, FL-based startup pest control company Sprinkler Magician developed a line of 100% safe and natural pest control products and was looking for distributors to sell this brand new product to the public.

A whopping 8 out of 10 businesses fail within their first 18 months according to Bloomberg, so the folks at Sprinkler Magician knew they needed to hit the ground running in terms of marketing. Since they had no experience either bringing a product to market or with marketing, they called PostcardMania for help getting their new pest control system to the marketplace.

The Solution

PostcardMania became Sprinkler Magicians marketing partner, helping them brand and market their product from the ground up.

The first step was coming up with a name for a new-to-market product that made mosquitos disappear:

Mosquito Magician!

PostcardMania then helped Sprinkler Magician develop the products brand, look and feel, which included all packaging and website development.

Once the product was named, designed and had a place online, it was time to find distributors for the pest control system with a direct mail postcard campaign.

The path to turning cold prospects into customers went something like this:

  • Generate brand awareness and leads with a targeted direct mail campaign
  • Drive leads to the website with a special offer
  • Capture leads (email addresses) with a web form on the website
  • Follow up with those leads until they close

Once Sprinkler Magician built a distribution network, our marketing consultants created a pay per click advertising campaign to help those distributors sell Sprinkler Magician to the public.

The Results

We generated $42,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

The marketing partnership turned out to be a huge success for Sprinkler Magician their mosquito control solution has really taken off!

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