The Situation

Professional Energy Solutions in the Tampa, Florida area was looking for a way to generate more revenue for their small business. They came to the roofing marketing experts at PostcardMania for help.

The Solution

Storm season (April through July) is a busy time for the roofing industry, especially in rainy Florida. We helped Professional Energy Solutions come up with a marketing strategy that would help them get more business during the summer storm season.

After reviewing some example roofing advertisements that have been successful for our other roofing clients, our marketing experts designed and printed postcards for the roofing company that could be sent out after a storm to prospects whose homes may have been damaged.

Heres what made their postcard effective:

  • Bold colors (the bright yellow pops off the card) and a cartoon mascot help their postcard stand out in the mail.
  • A crystal clear headline that is sure to grab the attention of anyone whose roof may have been damaged in the storm.
  • The offer of a FREE roof inspection entices prospects to call with no risk.

A storm season roofing marketing campaign works a bit like this:

1) Print a large number of postcards all at once marketing storm damage repair services

2) Once a storm hits a certain area, immediately send out your postcards to that area so youll be the first to hit mailboxes

3) Youll be the first they call for estimates and repairs!

When a hail storm hit the Tampa area, Professional Energy Solutions sent the roofing postcards to 12,000 homes in the affected area. Read on to see how well this strategy worked for them

The Results

Five calls and over $15,000 in new jobs!

Professional Energy Solutions well-timed campaign generated five calls and over $15,000 in new jobs! The return on investment (ROI) ended up being a solid 407.6%!

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