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The Situation

Wood Street Builders is a roofing company in northern Colorado who pride themselves on the reputation theyve built over 30 years in the industry. When they wanted to grow their client base, they called PostcardMania for help.

The Solution

The roofing company decided on an integrated roofing marketing strategy that started by targeting specific neighborhoods with direct mail postcards.

Heres why the design was effective:

  • The bright blue and white color scheme helps the postcard stand out in the mail
  • Photos of lovely homes with beautiful new roofs show recipients immediately what is being offered
  • The clear, bold headline capitalizes on consumers interest in patronizing local businesses
  • A valuable offer (that expires in 30 days) encourages prospects to call right away
  • The companys phone number and website are clearly visible on the front and back, making it easy for recipient to reach them to get more information

Wood Street Builders sent their roofing postcards to 6,000 single-family dwelling units in their desired area one time. We usually recommend multiple mailings to create repetition (which helps generate even more responses), but the roofers were able to achieve that repetition with DirectMail2.0.

With DirectMail2.0, interested prospects who visited their website left without taking action were then followed by the roofing companys Google follow-up ads. When prospects saw their online ad again and again, it let them know that Wood Street Builders is a legitimate business with staying power and reminded them of their initial interest!

The Results

4-5 times in revenue what they spent on the campaign!

The roofing company was able to see on their DirectMail2.0 dashboard that 264 interested prospects visited their website and were being followed by their Google ads. They could also see that 45 people clicked on those ads to go back to their site! But the real proof was in the 10 new customers, which generated 4-5 times the revenue that Wood Street Builders initially spent on the campaign!

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