The Situation

This general contractor, Written Roofing, specializing in commercial and residential re-roofing was looking to land some more high-end clients in the Louisiana area. They came to PostcardMania to utilize our bulk mail campaigns in order to achieve those business goals.

The Solution

Our marketing experts worked with Witten Roofing to develop a direct mail campaign that targeted high-income households in their area.

Their postcard campaign delivered results because:

  • The card featured bold reds and an image of a fierce storm that reminded recipients that storms had hit their area.
  • An offer for a free inspection to any homes that may have had storm damage.
  • A 5-star testimonial on the back of the card showing that they not only do excellent work, but also help clients get insurance to pay for repairs for storm damaged roofs.

The Results

30 new jobs and $360,000 in revenue!

Since they started mailing in May of 2020 they have gotten 30 jobs from the campaign! They said their average job has been $12,000 and they estimate total revenue from the campaign of $360,000 so far!!

CSID: 33312