5 Simple Roofing Marketing Steps to More Clients — Guaranteed

roofing marketing tips

Roofing marketing can seem like a daunting task, especially when you’re not just the marketing director of your roofing company, but the owner, too!

The good news is:

You can rely on a few roofer marketing tactics that are already PROVEN to generate results.

Marketing is no longer a shot in the dark, where you put roofing ads in the Sunday paper or add your listing to the yellow pages and hope the phone rings.

From the tried and tested to the new and innovative, there are some great ways to maximize your roofing advertising. We’ll stick to the tried and tested, because we want you to have REAL results!

So if you’re looking to book more jobs, check out these 4 simple roofing advertising ideas:

1. Book up to 30 New Jobs with Roofing Postcards

Postcards are a highly effective method of marketing for roofing companies.

Here’s what I mean:

Plus, postcards are the least expensive form of direct mail marketing! And you can save more by mailing through a bonded mail house (like PostcardMania), that has a bulk mail mailing permit.

To increase your return on investment (ROI), consider some of the following roof marketing tips:

  • Before you print your roofing postcards, think about who your target audience is and where they live. Neighborhoods with older homes generally have more potential clients than a new housing development, and you can even target homes built 10+ years ago with a quality mailing list.
  • Consider the picture and message you want to include on your postcard, keeping in mind that you need a strong call to action to motivate potential customers. (This free postcard design report outlines 10 design elements you should include.)
  • People love freebies and discounts! If you want to catch your prospect’s attention, include an offer for a percentage or dollar amount off their bill when they get a new roof or repairs. Including an expiration date on your offer will motivate prospects to make a decision quickly.

You can steal offer ideas from roof contractor marketing campaigns that have already worked by downloading this free report on successful offers.

And you can check out postcard templates that are currently working for other roofers and request a free postcard sample kit!

2. Attract New Homeowners with Roofing Repair and New Roof Discounts

As a roofing company, part of your target audience is people who have recently purchased a new home.

New movers spend, on average, $9,700 on house-related items in their first six months in their new home. (That’s more than other people spend in 3-5 years!)


If you can get your roofing company ads into new mover’s hands shortly after they move in, you can reach this ready-to-spend audience before they get settled and tighten their belts.

One way to do this is to find out who has recently moved and then send them roofing company flyers or postcards offering a discount on your services.


This information can take quite a bit of time and effort to get on your own. At PostcardMania, we make it easy on you with our New in Town program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our expert graphic designers create a personalized postcard design for your roofing company
  • You tell us what your service area is — basically how far out you’re willing to go to do a job
  • Every month, we pull a list of new movers who relocated to that area and mail them your postcard
  • Interested prospects visit your website or call to redeem your offer

It’s that easy! You don’t lift a finger.

You never pay any additional minimums or setup fees for this program, it’s completely turnkey, and you can cancel when you want — but you won’t want to!

3. Build Trust with Pictures of Your Completed Roofing Jobs

People love before-and-after photos, so why not make that part of your roofing company advertising strategy?

The easiest way to show them off is on social media. Facebook and Instagram are the perfect place to put photos of your work so prospects can see for themselves what you can offer!

Of course, you can — and SHOULD! — also add these pictures to your website, flyers and postcards.

A good social media presence can bolster your other marketing efforts (like postcards, flyers or door hangers) and increase your potential customer base exponentially.

If you do incorporate social media into your roofing company’s marketing scheme, you’ll want to complement your before and after photos with other types of posts.

Examples of popular types of posts include:

  • Roofing tips, like how to know when it’s time to replace
  • Behind-the-scenes pictures, especially following the progress of an installation
  • Answers to common roofing questions that only professional roofers can answer, like how different vent styles affect heat retention
  • Fun contests. Be sure to include a link to your website and your correct contact information on all your social media pages for the readers who want to try out your roofing services

You can learn more by downloading this free report about using social media for business.

4. Maximize Your ROI by Marketing in Spring and Summer

As a roofer, you think about roofing year round — but your prospects don’t!

Even if you’re willing to work in the cold, your customers may not be thinking about their roof in winter, if for no other reason than they see it a lot less!

Time your roofing cards for spring, when homeowners interested in repairing or re-shingling their roofs will be more responsive.

In addition to the season, here are a few other timing factors to keep in mind before sending out roofing marketing postcards.

  • Give your customer enough time. Everything from designing, printing, and even mailing, will factor in to how soon your potential customer receives your roofing card. So if you’re including a special promotion, and you should, give them enough time to read the postcard, make a decision, and then act on it.
  • Wait for the weather. When the storm hits and the shingles start flying, homeowners are pretty motivated to make their repairs ASAP. Have postcards printed and ready to send when severe weather hits!

5. Optimize Your Website to Generate More Leads

No matter how many roofing marketing ideas you come up with, they all lead prospects to the same place:

Your website!

Most interested prospects who receive your postcard or flyer won’t pick up the phone and call you — they’ll check you out online instead. And according to a web credibility study by Stanford University, 75% of people judge your business by your website.

This isn’t where you want to cut corners. Spring for a high-quality website — it’s worth it!

Make sure your site is designed to raise your visitor’s affinity for you and your business and convert them into leads you can follow up with and turn into customers!

Download the Ultimate Business Website Design Checklist for FREE here!

Here’s a quick rundown of the elements ALL business websites need:

  • It should be professional and attractive, with industry-appropriate images (like photos of beautiful roofs you have installed!).
  • Flawless programming. Programming is how your website performs behind the scenes. Links and buttons should direct visitors where they expect to go, and photos should load quickly. A website that is programmed well is easy for visitors to navigate!
  • Clear, consistent contact information. Make it as easy as possible for leads to reach you. Your phone number should be prominently displayed at the top of every page.
  • Lead capture forms. A Kissmetrics study showed that 96% of visitors to business websites are not ready to buy yet. Don’t let those leads slip away! Include fill-in forms on your site where visitors can give you their contact information for something of high value to them (but low cost to you) — a free estimate, for example. Then you can follow up with them until they become customers!
  • Ratings and reviews. More than 90% of consumers read online reviews, according to the 2015 BrightLocal Survey. (I know I do!) And almost three quarters of them say positive reviews make them trust a business more. Ask your happy customers for reviews and post them on your site for prospects to read!

And make sure your website is easily found by people looking for a roofer in your area:

Claim your Google business listing! (It’s easy and FREE.)

If you’re not sure where to get started on your roofing advertising, let PostcardMania help! Call one of our marketing experts at 800-628-1804 for a free, no-obligation consultation, or order your free sample pack of postcards today!

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  • Hi Joy! This is a really nice way of reaching customers! Any some great tips in the article. Definitely not seen anything like it over here in the UK. We offer marketing services to roofers as well, more in the form of paid advertising though, but I always like stumbling across other ways to reach our client’s audience. We’ve only just launched but love the idea of different avenues to reach people, after all it’s the bottom line that counts, not how it’s improved. I’ll follow your company as there may be a tie in further down the line, thanks, Nick

  • Awesome, Nick! I’m so glad to hear you found these tips useful! We’ve done over 630 marketing campaigns for roofers in the U.S. and these are just some of the marketing strategies we see work really well for roofers. Thank you for your comment!

  • My pleasure Joy, the article was an interesting read, post cards have now made it to my list of channels!

  • That was a really informative roof guide. thank you. Will def keep this in mind. And this could give me more knowledge about roofing

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