The Situation

Give Back HVAC provides the Orange County California area with heating and cooling services. They called PostcardMania to help them receive more qualified leads and boost their revenue!

The Solution

Their PostcardMania marketing consultant suggested Everywhere Small Business to display matching ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram to the same audience they mailed their postcards to. PostcardMania designed a postcard that could get the results Give Back HVAC wanted. It included:

  • An image of an A/C Unit that clearly tells the recipient what this postcard is all about!
  • Clear and Bold contact information
  • A great offer with the price in big text and bold to intrigue the prospect

The perfect mailing list ensures even bigger results! That is why this HVAC company’s marketing campaign included all single-family homeowners with A/C and an income of 85K+!

The Results

14 new customers- $4,000 in immediate revenue!

Give Back HVAC received 17 phone calls and converted 14 to new customers.  They generated $4,000 in immediate revenue with projected income of $8,400 annually for continued service with these customers for 5-10 years! Their ads on Facebook were seen by 8,452 people and led to 20 clicks to their website. In addition, their Google ads were seen by 34,661 people and 190 people clicked through to their website!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other HVAC companies!

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