This postcard was designed with a cold color scheme (lots of blues and white). This was done intentionally to reinforce the marketing message, which promoted getting a check-up for prospects heating systems. The headline read, Dont be left in the cold this winter. Then, the marketing message is bolstered by a financial benefit in the form of a special offer for a discounted humidifier with their check-up appointment.

The Situation

Glass City Heating and A/C offers services for both Air Conditioning and Heating systems. They wanted to find the best way to market their services in order to keep their customers turning to them every winter and every summer. They consulted with our marketing experts to see what direct mail advertising could do for them.

The Solution

Our marketing team designed an HVAC advertising campaign that would keep Glass City Heating and A/C at the forefront of their prospects minds throughout the year as well as specifically targeting the winter and summer seasons. They implemented a 5,000-postcard campaign that is sent three times a year. One card is sent just before summer, one just before winter, and one was sent as a recall campaign in either spring or fall. It is mailed to a database of existing customers Glass City had already served. The front of the postcard features a large graphic and a brightly colored layout. On the back, it features three discounts focusing on diagnostic and pre-season maintenance.

The Results

Mailing marketing postcards at strategic times throughout the year can pay off big for HVAC businesses.

This campaign had tremendous immediate results — within one week Glass City had received 10-15 calls from their postcards! On average, every 5,000-card campaign brings in about $20,000 in business!

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