This postcard used a large image on the left half of the card’s front. Then, on the right side they used a light gold background and placed their headline. The image showed a smiling family. The headline read, “A well-tuned air conditioning system makes a happy family and a happy wallet.” All these design elements together painted a picture of the benefits of recipients keeping up with their home’s HVAC system maintenance.

The Situation

Hudson Mechanical Solutions is a locally owned and operated company that offers air conditioning solutions to keep their customers homes cool and comfortable all year round. However, they werent satisfied with the amount of business they were attracting. They felt their brand wasnt reaching the right amount of prospects to grow their clientele. They consulted with our marketing consultants and arranged for a direct marketing strategy that would target those most likely to have a need for their services.

The Solution

Our marketing team designed a campaign that could get the results Hudson Mechanical wanted. We chose a warm and friendly layout, which emphasized the fact that they are a locally owned and operated small business looking to serve the needs of their community. The front of the postcard displayed a large photo of the founder of the company and his family. On the back it listed the services they offer and displayed three coupons for great deals on repairs, tune-ups, or pump replacements for A/C or heating. The mailer was sent out only once to 6,000 homes with an income of over $50,000.

The Results

Marketing is judged by the return on investment it generates. Postcard marketing delivers those marketing profits for HVAC businesses.

Hudson Mechanical Solutions was thrilled with the results of the campaign! We got 10 calls with total sales of $1776.83 and a gross profit of $977.20!

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