This postcard was all business. It was styled as an urgent reminder that the prospects’ furnace systems were due for maintenance. They chose orange as the background to really grab recipients’ attention. In the main section of the card, they offered a full inspection for $19 (and made sure to mention it was a $119 value). Then at the bottom, they listed the benefits of an inspection clearly and succinctly.

The Situation

An HVAC company (who shall remain nameless) wanted to boost their business as winter approached. They knew lots of their prospects heating systems needed maintenance before the cold months arrived, so they contacted our marketing experts to put together a postcard campaign that would use this knowledge to generate new inspection appointments.

The Solution

Our marketing team put together a strategic marketing plan to approach quality prospects about scheduling an inspection for their furnace systems. Our client purchased a mailing list containing 42,000 addresses. These were addresses for both SFDU (Single Family Dwelling Units) and MFDU (Multiple Family Dwelling Units) built between 1978 and 2003. They sent out 7 separate mailings of 6,000 postcards each, which put a postcard in all 42,000 mailboxes.

The Results

We booked 310 appointments and generated about $1,350 per booking with our postcards!

Their furnace maintenance reminder cards were incredibly effective! They received 567 calls, from which they booked 310 appointments. They estimate that during their mailings they averaged $1,395 per booking!

CSID: 3593