The Situation

With the winter fast approaching in Mocksville, NC, Aspire Heating and Cooling wanted to spread the word about their services to homeowners in their area most likely to be in need of heating services. They consulted one of our marketing experts to come up with a postcard campaign that would bring in the revenue and customers they were looking for!

The Solution

Our marketing team designed an HVAC advertising campaign that would keep Aspire Heating and Cooling at the forefront of their prospects minds throughout the upcoming winter season, and throughout the year. The color scheme is bright, which helps catch the eye of prospects, and the message doesnt dance around the point getting stuck in the cold is the worst, so dont let it happen to you! A great $79 tune-up offer (and an additional two offers on the back of the card) really seals the deal and helps elevate this postcard from good design to getting the phones to ring! For their mailing, Aspire Heating and Cooling purchased a mailing list of 6,000 records that consisted of of single family homes with an income of $50k or more, living in a home built prior to 2009 (this way they will be more likely to have an older heating unit in need of repair), in select zip codes. So far, theyve only done one mailing to this list, but the results have already started to affect Aspire Heating and Coolings bottom line!

The Results

In just two weeks, we already received $10,000 in revenue

This campaign definitely had immediate results! From just those 6,000 cards, Aspire Heating and Cooling has already received 13 calls and grossed about $10,000 in revenue in just two weeks! Plus, if those new clients turn into regular tune-up customers and refer their friends, this number will just keep increasing and increasing over time.

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