The Situation

RepairUSA, an Arkansas-based HVAC company, had been very successful with postcard marketing before, so they decided to continue along with their tried-and-true method through PostcardMania. With winter just around the corner, it was the perfect time for RepairUSA to remind current customers of their furnace tune-up services.

The Solution

RepairUSAs campaign focused on a service that almost every Arkansas resident would want before winter a furnace tune-up! They focused on mailing to their current customers, which is an important part of revving up seasonal revenue for HVAC companies theyve already chosen you and trust you, so will be all the more likely to use you again!

This is how RepairUSA rocked their Postcard campaign. They

– Provided past customers with several offers to motivate them to pick up the phone and call.

– Included a familiar face and truck customers would recognize.

– Had a strong call to action during the appropriate season.

The Results

RepairUSA has a FANTASTIC customer tracking system in place and was able to identify that $12,494.35 (tracked down to the last penny!) was attributed to the postcard campaign. The return on investment was substantial 839% enough to keep them warm for the winter!

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