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The postcard is visually very simple and very copy-heavy. However, this was an intentional move, because it was meant to be a personal communication from the company to their prospects. They did use a white background and green accents to grab the recipient’s attention and lead them to read the copy on the front.

The Situation

C.W. Beale and Associates wanted to use postcards as an economical way of revitalizing their seminar attendance. They consulted with our marketing experts to find out how to do it effectively.

The Solution

C.W. Beale and Associates determined that postcards were more economical, allowing more mailings for the same amount of money. They do something different than offering just a luncheon/dinner like they used to in previous marketing attempts. Their postcards invited prospects to a bus-trip outing to Clinton Library, where they also had lunch and listened to Chuck speak for 20 – 25 minutes. They also tried another twist on the lunch outing approach, which offered a tour of Little Rock or Petit Jean Mountain. Postcard Design: The idea was to keep the design simple and easy to read, since it was going to seniors. C. W. Beale & Associates, Inc. employees collaborated with PostcardMania’s team of graphic designers to come up with a design that would get results.

The Results

Experimenting with designs and offers can help your company continue to improve your results with postcard marketing.

They track results and the response really depends on what they offer as the entertainment, Chuck said. He also understands that you have to have a good offer and the right list to market to. In his case, they market to retirees. They started promoting a train trip and noticed that their response rate was higher. The train ride postcards were generating a 2% response, double the normal 1% response of the dinner postcards. C.W. Beale & Associates, Inc. calculates their total Return on Investment for their postcard campaigns at about 10x what they spend, so they don’t mind tweaking the design every now and again.

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