This card used bright, contrasting colors to grab recipients’ attention. They chose a light orange on the top half of the card and an electric blue on the bottom half. They featured a picture of Steve Srein in the center and listed all the services he offers around the picture. On the back, they used their marketing copy to stress the benefits of their services and offered a 10% discount to give prospects a monetary incentive.

The Situation

Steve Srein is quite a jack-of-all-trades. His company, Steve Srein – Financial Services, offers a variety of services including real estate (both buying and selling), tax preparation, bookkeeping, mortgage services and auto repair services. That means he has a wide group of prospects to market to and postcards gave him the most versatility to capture the attention of these different groups.

The Solution

Steve chose to send his cards to his own in-house database, which contained his own current and past customers as well as the leads he had generated on his own. The mailing list contained 1,000 homes. He mailed his cards to that mailing list a total of 4 times.

The Results

We generated 140 new clients and $16,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!

The results from Steve’s postcard campaign were excellent! He gained 140 new clients just between January and April alone and generated $16,000 from these new clients! That’s a great return on investment for only mailing 4,000 cards.

CSID: 3741